Ethan Issacs Wins 4th Straight At HPT, Fuqua Notches #6

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Topeka, KS – It was another night USRA Competition at Heartland Park Topeka. Ethan Isaacs pulled off the ‘hat trick’ with his 3rd straight win a week ago and this week he followed it up with his 4th straight USRA B Mod Feature Win! Darron Fuqua took home win #6 on the season in the USRA Modified division. Alan Mattox kept his momentum going from a week ago by winning the Pure Stock A main. Robert Garst stormed to another USRA Stock Car Feature win. Dan Canady rolled to the victory in the Sport Compact Feature.

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Aug 15th Street Legal TNT canceled

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Due to the weather forecast the Street Legal/Test n Tune for Friday Aug 15th, 2014 has been canceled.

Gates will remain open so you may still come in and park to Saturday’s and Sunday’s bracket race.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Save $5 at the Sept. 5th Street Legal/TNT

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The $5.00 discount is for Drivers ONLY. This flyer must be presented from a SMART PHONE or DIGITAL DEVICE and MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF PURCHASE Limit 1 (ONE) per entry. No refunds, substitutions or exchanges will be allowed on this discount.
* HPT reserves the right to have the final interpretation of rules for the discount.







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Now in his 24th year of stock car racing, the 2014 season has been one of change — and considerable success — for Parsons’ Jeremy Chambers.

After running several seasons in the B Mod division in Heartland Park Topeka’s Saturday Showdown dirt track series, Chambers joined forces with Topekan Jim Gruber and has switched to the Modified class this season.

There’s no arguing with the results, with the 41-year-old Chambers leading the points at both Heartland Park and Humboldt Speedway and ranking fourth in the United States Racing Association national standings.

“We spent the last three years racing our own equipment in the B Mod division and this year I started driving for Jim Gruber,” Chambers said. “We just kind of started back into the A Mod thing and we’ve had a pretty successful year by most people’s standards.

“We’ve had four feature wins now and have been running real consistent. That’s kind of what it takes to run good in the points.”

Chambers is quick to admit that teaming with Gruber and the Gruber family has been a big key to his success.

“It kind of started out last year,” Chambers said. “He asked me one night right at the end of the year if I wanted to drive his car. We drove it and honestly didn’t even do that well, but we got to talking over the winter and decided we wanted to try to race together.

“I keep the equipment here in Parsons and work on it during the week and (Gruber) comes to the races and gives us the support and things we need to keep racing with. Really their whole family has stepped up and made this all possible. It’s very much a family and team thing going on here. We have some good sponsors, too, who have stepped up and helped us this year.”

Over the years racing for points hasn’t been a focus for Chambers, but with a chance to win a couple of championships this season, that philosophy has changed.

“My philosophy on points has always been to just race and kind of see how it shakes out at the end,” Chambers said. “If we’re close we’ll go for it.

“We’ve probably kind of got ourselves boxed in a little bit this year to try to go ahead and finish them out.”

Chambers, who owns and operates a steel fabrication business, will also try to do everything he can to make a run at the national USRA championship, but would be satisfied with a solid top-10 finish.

“We were actually leading the national points for a few weeks and that was pretty exciting,”

he said. “We’ve fallen off a little bit and haven’t been as consistent but we’re getting back there.

“What we’ve really got to do to stay up in the top five in the national points is we need to get some more wins and that’s our goal right now, to win as many races as we can between now and the end of the year.”


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Wilson Wins Thriller At HPT

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Topeka, KS – Ethan Isaacs has been on a roll lately in his USRA B Mod. Friday night he picked up a win at Humboldt Speedway and Saturday night he held off a hard charging Nick Newton for his 2nd straight win in as many nights. Steven Bowers Jr. marched to his 3rd USRA Modified win of the season. It was another night of mass disqualifications in the Pure Stock division. When everything was sorted out Alan Mattox became a first time feature winner. Jeremy Wilson continued his winning ways yet again in the USRA Stock Car division. In the Sport Compacts, Jarret Beach logged another win for the 2nd straight week.

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Image: Reed Bros. Racing

Stock Car Points Standings – 8-9-2014

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Stock Cars
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 5K Steve Herrick Topeka, KS 1292
2 01 Ronnie Moore Carbondale, KS 1148
3 12S Dustin Sievers McFarland, KS 1146
4 20P Jim Powell Jr Lecompton, KS 1126
5 9 Robert Garst Topeka, KS 1018
6 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka, KS 979
7 60K James King Americus, KS 592
8 24K Daniel King Meriden, KS 482
9 15 Leif Weyer Centralia, KS 427
10 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City , KS 377
11 J14 Jeremy Wilson Humboldt, KS 366
12 C15 Eric Weyer Centralia, KS 346
13 26 Russ Moyer Wellsville, KS 258
14 29T Tyler Ellison Lawrence, KS 236
15 62 David Matlock Chanute, KS 178
16 34S Richard Sparks Kansas City, KS 150
17 7 Tyler James Chanute, KS 100
18 222 Jake Newman Smithville, MO 87
19 33P Phil Snodgrass Kearney, MO 84
20 00 Nick Whalen Kansas City, KS 81
21 16 Craig Springer Lawrence, KS 74
22 12M Danny Masters Topeka, KS 72
23 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS 72

Sport Compact Points Standings – 8-9-2014

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Sport Compact
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 53 Dan Canady Holton, KS 370
2 4D Alex Boyden Topeka, KS 248
3 8JR Dave McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS 200
4 4L Lexi Boyden Topeka, KS 158
5 7T Toby Teel Hiawatha, KS 119
6 18 Tony Filbert Topeka, KS 110
7 27 Jarret Beach Tonganoxie, KS 91
8 17 James Lemke Leavenworth, KS 48
9 3 William Joyce Chanute, KS 46
10 4B Brandon Box Kansas City, MO 44
11 03 Lance Dixon Topeka, KS 34
12 01JR Tyler DaviS Chanute, ks 30
13 03C Charles Willige Topeka, KS 5
14 7 Chris Williams Hiawatha, KS 5

Pure Stock Points Standings – 8-9-2014

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Pure Stock
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 07 Ronald Kohn Topeka, KS 527
2 17 Randy Kohn Topeka, KS 524
3 355 AJ Christian Topeka, KS 470
4 83 Alan Mattox Tecumseh, KS 409
5 40G Lafe Garst Topeka, KS 375
6 90 Scott Garcia Topeka, KS 306
7 391 Jim Christian Topeka, KS 297
8 03C,03C Charles Willige Topeka, KS 291
9 19 David McDonald Topeka, KS 284
10 18 Dylan McDonald Topeka, KS 273
11 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS 205
12 5 Steve Stewart Osage City, KS 196
13 15Z Shane Hilton Topeka, KS 177
14 5X Barry Richardson Topeka, KS 145
15 03 Lance Dixon Topeka, KS 135
16 59 Byron Glotzbach Topeka, KS 131
17 23C Cody Satterwhite Topeka, KS 130
18 79 Oliver Harris Tonganoxie, KS 81
19 15G Robert Garst Topeka, KS 80
20 54B Darrin Christy Kansas City, KS 80
21 23 Colton Miller Topeka, KS 55
22 3X Derrek Wilson Chanute, KS 50
23 51 Tyler Wudarczyk Wakarusa, KS 49
24 B51 Landon Stallbaumer Wakarusa, KS 44
25 8 Cameron Allensworth Topeka, KS 33
26 51X Troy Ross Emporia, KS 30
27 13 Shawn Mattox Topeka, KS 25
28 8JR Dave McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS 23
29 35T Travis Barker Lattarpe, KS 23
30 34H Roger Huff Ben Wheeler, TX 20

Modified Points Standings – 8-9-2014

POSTED ON August 10th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, Modified
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 17 Jeremy Chambers Parsons, KS 1157
2 44 Jared Rogers Berryton , KS 1125
3 77 Steven Bowers Jr Topeka, KS 1119
4 04 Jay Bailey Lyndon, KS 1049
5 9S Devin Stock Topeka, KS 970
6 7D7 Kyle Covert Topeka, KS 952
7 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta, KS 910
8 21J Josh Everhart Burlingame, KS 829
9 05 Tom Grist Topeka, KS 779
10 07J Scott Herrick Topeka, KS 761
11 32D Darren Robinson Berryton, KS 555
12 2D Dean Bachner Olathe, KS 533
13 2M Mike Eisenhut Topeka, KS 449
14 69 Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS 417
15 51 Robert Shepard Odgen, KS 381
16 77B Bryan Bowers Topeka, KS 344
17 75 Tad Davis Mt. Hope, KS 340
18 68 Kerry Davis Parkville, MO 310
19 65 Tyler Davis Derby, KS 260
20 30 Dalton Kirk Edgerton, KS 243
21 3 Lewis Jackson Wellsville, KS 222
22 52 Clifford Shepard Ogden, KS 222
23 48S Travis Smith Parsons, KS 161
24 747 Colton Eck Goddard, KS 156
25 B Allan Broers Edgerton, KS 146
26 5X Jim Whisler Kansas CIty, KS 142
27 02 Tanner Mullens Wichita, KS 100
28 51X Tim Setzer Archie, MO 100
29 10B Brandon Givens Hutchinson, KS 84
30 63 Derrick Brown Meriden, KS 81
31 39 Luke Driskell Stilwell, KS 78
32 9D8 Paden Phillips Chanute, KS 76
33 23 Logan Robertson Shamrock, TX 72
34 7 Anthony Tanner Topeka, KS 72
35 41 Shane Florence Plattsburg, MO 66
36 21T Lance Town Louisburg, KS 58

B Modified Points Standing – 8-9-2014

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Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 45 Dustin Thulin Topeka, KS 1155
2 1M Brian Murphy Carbondale, KS 1107
3 7M Heath Murry Tonganoxie, KS 1019
4 07C Larry Cain Topeka, KS 975
5 53 Terry Bivins Lebo, KS 912
6 1 Derek Huffman Topeka, KS 890
7 20C Casey Meggison Hoyt, KS 889
8 34F Tony Filbert Topeka, KS 877
9 66 Ethan Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS 870
10 28H Gus Harrison McLouth, KS 811
11 14 RJ Edwards Grantville, KS 736
12 74 Jeff Mauro Berryton , KS 666
13 333 Jay Bailey Lyndon, KS 651
14 7H Chance Hug Mayetta, KS 587
15 38 Nic Bennett Grain Valley, MO 563
16 7X Lance Lincoln Berryton, KS 553
17 03 Lance Dixon Topeka, KS 536
18 29 Trevor Mohn Topeka, KS 506
19 4U Rich Boyden Topeka, KS 486
20 X1 Tracy Schaefer Topeka, KS 430
21 12 Bryan Rigsby Topeka, KS 421
22 5 Dakota Foster Gardner, KS 411
23 19J Joey Woodworth Randolph, KS 394
24 6 Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS 332
25 7J Jake Richards Edwardville, KS 295
26 2 Mike Eisenhut Topeka, KS 245
27 55A Ryan Medeiros Topeka, KS 221
28 68R Donny Guilbault Topeka, KS 197
29 33J Jason Billups Holt, MO 161
30 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr Tecumseh, KS 159
31 44C Chris Flower Topeka, KS 138
32 9T Cody Thornton Tonganoxie, KS 136
33 34D Travis Neeley Meriden, KS 134
34 37,37J Jeremiah Asher Effingham, KS 130
35 7 Bob Russell Smithville, MO 122
36 45W Kyle Williams Topeka, KS 111
37 3X3 Nick Newton Kansas City, KS 95
38 01 Jimmie Davis Chanute, KS 81
39 44 Sam Schuler Jr Kansas City, KS 78
40 1B Derrick Brown Meriden, KS 76
41 37 Anthony Asher St Joe, MO 66
42 J7X Josh Everhart Burlingame, KS 66
43 R63 Riley Whitworth Erie, KS 64
44 451 Jesse Shotts Topeka, KS 56
45 7D Davis Givens Hutchison, KS 45
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