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Wilson Wins Thriller At HPT

POSTED ON August 11th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, News

Topeka, KS – Ethan Isaacs has been on a roll lately in his USRA B Mod. Friday night he picked up a win at Humboldt Speedway and Saturday night he held off a hard charging Nick Newton for his 2nd straight win in as many nights. Steven Bowers Jr. marched to his 3rd USRA Modified win of the season. It was another night of mass disqualifications in the Pure Stock division. When everything was sorted out Alan Mattox became a first time feature winner. Jeremy Wilson continued his winning ways yet again in the USRA Stock Car division. In the Sport Compacts, Jarret Beach logged another win for the 2nd straight week.

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Hot Rod Drag Week Info

POSTED ON August 6th  - POSTED IN Drag Strip, News

Here’s the official info on HOT ROD’s Drag Week 2014 rules, registration, and more! This year is the tenth running of Drag Week, presented by Gear Vendors, and will be held September 7 to 12, starting and ending at Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Day 2, September 9th is here at Heartland Park Topeka!

Event Info

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Davis Freight Train Scores Win At HPT

POSTED ON August 4th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, News

Topeka, KS – Kerry Davis has been racking up USRA Modified Feature wins at Lucas Oil Speedway, I-35 Speedway, Lakeside Speedway and he can now add Heartland Park Topeka. Davis picked up his 1st win of the season at HPT on Saturday night. Davis becomes the 7th different feature winner of the year in the Modifieds. Ethan Isaacs held on to win the USRA B Mod Feature. The win was his 2nd in a row and 2nd of the year. Robert Garst won going away in the USRA Stock Car main event. Jarret Beach took the top honors in the Sport Compacts. A slew of DQ’s in the Pure Stock division saw Ron Kohn inherit the win.

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Topeka Lucas Oil winners crowned

POSTED ON July 27th  - POSTED IN Drag Strip, News

TOPEKA, Kan. – The NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series tackled the quarter mile strip at Heartland Park Topeka with hundreds of racers going head to head in today’s elimination rounds for the annual event.  Winners were crowned in Comp Eliminator, the division’s Fineline Madcap Top Dragsters and Jerry Haas Racecars Top Sportsman and the rest of the classes that make up the nationwide series.

The West Central division and the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series is back in action here again at Heartland Park next month August 22-23 for the NHRA Lucas Oil West Central Regional where they will be joined by the Top Alcohol Dragster and Funny Car classes.

The following are the final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at Heartland Park Topeka:

The following are Saturday’s final results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, West Central Division event at Heartland Park Topeka:

Bruno Massel, Woodridge, Ill., ’10 Cobalt, DD/AT, broke def.
Clark Smiley, Denver City, Texas, ’09 GXP, BB/A, broke.

Jared Swinehart, Piedmont, Okla., ’92 Camaro, GT/AA, 9.782, 131.47 def.
A.J. Patterson, Augusta, Kan., ’67 Nova, SS/HA, 10.149, 128.27.

Austin Williams, Burleson, Texas, ’72 Duster, F/SA, 11.473, 109.19 def.
Duane Dickens, San Clemente, Calif., ’66 Chevy II, K/SA, 11.822, 109.95.

Kevin Dyck, E. St. Paul, Manit., dragster, 8.911, 182.70 def.
Bruce Wiedmaier, Topeka, Kan., dragster, 8.898, 155.17.

Steve Collier, Benton, La., ’72 Vega, 9.904, 158.84 def.
Dale Evens, St. Cloud, Minn., ’91 Daytona, 9.906, 157.89.

Jeff Landholm, Oakland, Neb., ’68 Camaro, 10.923, 147.46 def.
Jason Wettstein, Garnett, Kan., ’66 Chevy II, 10.895, 126.30.

Matt Driskell, Wellsville, Kan., dragster, 6.727, 194.10 def.
Todd Piper, Wamego, Kan., dragster, 6.948, 185.23.

J.J. Heber, Centennial, Colo., ’06 Mustang, 6.892, 197.80 def.
Larry Larson, Oak Grove, Mo., ’00 Firebird, 7.167, 190.54.

John Fitzpatrick, Park City, Kan., ’10 Kawasaki, 9.246, 141.92 def.
Ricky Martin, Coweta, Okla., ’80 Kawasaki, 9.612, 134.78.

The following are Saturday’s final qualifying results from the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, West Central Division event at Heartland Park Topeka:

1) Kevin Self, Caddo, Okla., ’32 Bantam, F/EA, 7.887 seconds, -0.533 (under index)
2) Chad Voges, St. Peters, Mo., ’32 Bantam, K/AA, 7.774, -0.516
3) Shaun Vincent, Omaha, Neb., ’02 S-10, C/TA, 8.485, -0.515
4) Clark Smiley, Denver City, Texas, ’09 GXP, BB/A, 7.417, -0.513
5) Todd Patterson, Augusta, Kan., ’10 Cobalt, A/SMA, 7.982, -0.508
6) Jim Greenheck, Schofield, Wis., ’12 Camaro, C/AA, 7.426, -0.444
7) John Keilers, Colorado Springs, Colo., dragster, A/DA, 6.661, -0.439
8) Pat Nahan, Sartell, Minn., dragster, E/D, 7.451, -0.429
9) Pete Carbery, Odessa, Texas, ’07 Cobalt, B/A, 7.159, -0.401
10) Duane Robison, Gardner, Kan., ’09 GXP, C/A, 7.505, -0.385

1) Jason DeForrest, Andover, Minn., ’05 Cavalier, GT/BA, 9.361 seconds, -0.889 (under index)
2) Ron Roddel, Sioux Falls, S.D., ’02 Grand Am, GT/LA, 10.702, -0.848
3) Phil Unruh, McPherson, Kan., ’10 Cobalt, SS/CM, 8.713, -0.787
4) Mike Town, Paola, Kan., ’84 Regal, GT/MA, 10.970, -0.780
5) Michael Mans, Rogers, Minn., ’00 Firebird, SS/AS, 8.842, -0.758
6) Tom Cain, Louisburg, Kan., ’09 Cobalt, SS/BS, 8.907, -0.743
7) Ron Taylor, Lincoln, Neb., ’56 Nomad, SS/NA, 11.412, -0.738
8) Larry Hodge, La Place, Ill., ’86 Monte Carlo, SS/KA, 10.543, -0.707
9) Carroll Warling, Brighton, Colo., ’74 LeMans, SS/MA, 11.163, -0.687
10) Brent Mandery, Watertown, S.D., ’92 Ciera, GT/HA, 10.369, -0.681

1) Larry DeForrest, Ramsey, Minn., ’10 Mustang, D/SA, 10.556 seconds, -0.994 (under index)
2) Jamie Greening, Columbia, Mo., ’96 S-10, O/S, 12.208, -0.892
3) Duane Dickens, San Clemente, Calif., ’66 Chevy II, K/SA, 11.772, -0.878
4) Dic Geary, Broomfield, Colo., ’85 Camaro, I/SA, 11.484, -0.816
5) Bruno Massel, Woodridge, Ill., ’14 Camaro, AAA/SA, 8.933, -0.767
6) Randy Beyer, Gretna, Neb., ’13 Camaro, BB/SA, 9.546, -0.754
7) Chris Cheney, Claremore, Okla., ’69 Camaro, G/SA, 11.298, -0.702
8) Mike Jeffrey, Lexington, Neb., ’80 Diplomat, V/SA, 14.831, -0.669
9) Carson Pedigo, Andover, Kan., ’70 Chevelle, C/SA, 10.733, -0.667
10) Brett Speer, Little Falls, Minn., ’70 Nova, B/SA, 10.606, -0.644

1) Allen Firestone, Velma, Okla., ’13 Camaro, 6.588 seconds, 213.54 mph
2) Norman Brungardt, Liberal, Kan., ’13 Camaro, 6.716, 206.86
3) Jim White, Haysville, Kan., ’09 Cobalt, 6.723, 209.82
4) J.J. Heber, Centennial, Colo., ’06 Mustang, 6.835, 199.35
5) Rich Smith, Wentzville, Mo., ’04 Cavalier, 6.951, 198.26
6) Curt Harshfield, Sioux City, Iowa, ’55 Chevy, 6.976, 192.28
7) Tom Harger, Des Moines, Iowa, ’96 Cutlass, 6.981, 200.89
8) Ashton Premer, Pierce, Neb., ’04 Escort, 6.996, 197.05
9) Rick Wilson, Independence, Mo., ’69 Camaro, 7.000, 196.27
10) Dave Slatten, Ft. Collins, Colo., ’05 Grand Am, 7.007, 197.42

1) Mike Meier, Walford, Iowa, dragster, 6.408 seconds, 215.34 mph
2) Phil Unruh, McPherson, Kan., dragster, 6.410, 214.35
3) James Ogden, League City, Texas, dragster, 6.435, 209.36
4) Bill Swann, Carrolton, Texas, dragster, 6.497, 213.74
5) Jeff Koron, Hays, Kan., dragster, 6.516, 208.65
6) Larry Piper, Wamego, Kan., dragster, 6.557, 206.83
7) Matt Driskell, Wellsville, Kan., dragster, 6.680, 201.46
8) Tony Jackson, Lenexa, Kan., dragster, 6.681, 198.90
9) George Slatten, Santa Fe, N.M., dragster, 6.760, 198.38
10) Bob Ross, Pueblo, Colo., dragster, 6.786, 198.90

1) Patrick Roetto, Wichita, Kan., ’09 Suzuki, SMC, 0.001 seconds reaction time
2) Jason Clampitt, Lino Lakes, Minn., ’79 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.001
3) John Fitzpatrick, Park City, Kan., ’10 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.003
4) Ricky Martin, Coweta, Okla., ’80 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.004
5) Mike Voss, Maplewood, Minn., ’10 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.009
6) Mike Hudson, Broken Arrow, Okla., ’11 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.015
7) Tom Gilligan, Fremont, Neb., ’77 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.024
8) Elyse McKinnon, Lawrence, Kan., ’10 BMW, SMC, 0.064
9) Mark Waltman, Milliken, Colo., ’77 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.245
10) Ron Johnson, Ellis, Kan., ’78 Kawasaki, SMC, 0.319

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POSTED ON July 22nd  - POSTED IN Drag Strip, News


Emporia’s Troy Ross has been one of the most dominant drag racers in Heartland Park Topeka’s recent history, winning track championships in HPT’s E.T. Bracket Racing Series four of the last five years .

But this season, Ross, who won the Sportsman title and was second in the Pro class a year ago, has spent more time in the shop trying to get his cars ready to race than running down the dragstrip.

Ross is hoping that trend changes in the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division V Championships Friday and Saturday at Heartland Park.

“It’s been the craziest year by far,” Ross said. “About every car we’ve been in we’ve had some trouble with, but maybe that means we used up our luck the past few years.

“We were pretty carefree and didn’t have many troubles but it’s kind of caught up to us so far this year. But we’re getting things lined out.”

Ross’s plan for the 2014 season was to still run in the HPT bracket series whenever possible but also try his luck in divisional and national events.

To that end Ross purchased a 1987 Camaro last November, hoping to race that car in the Super Stock division.

“I kind of just wanted to take a break and focus on the Super Stock car,” he said. “We were ready for a change and branch out a little.”

But it has taken Troy and his father, Dick, longer to get the Camaro race-ready than they expected. This weekend’s event is expected to be the Camaro’s debut in a divisional event.

“We’ll be able to race this car the rest of the year if we want, whichever divisional or national event we decide to go to,” Ross said. “The main thing is getting it straightened out and making sure everything is good on the car.”

Ross is hoping to have some success in the Super Stock class the remainder of ’14 while building momentum for 2015.

“I don’t know that we’ll be able to chase points at the divisional level this year because the year’s half gone and we haven’t even gotten to race but the intentions are to get the car lined out and then next year we can hit it with a full head of steam.”

A test and tune session for this week’s divisional is scheduled from 2 to 6 p.m. Thursday, followed by time trials and qualifying at 9 a.m. Friday. Round one of eliminations is slated for 9 a.m. Saturday.

The Division V event is scheduled to wrap up Saturday night but Heartland Park will also host an E.T. Bracket Series event on Sunday, starting at 9 a.m.

This weekend’s event is the first of two Division V events at HPT this summer, with a second divisional scheduled for August 22-23. will feature racers throughout the 2014 season. If you have someone you would like to see spotlighted send details and contact information to – Rick can also be reached on Twitter @peterson_rick

Bowers Doubles Up At HPT

POSTED ON July 20th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, News

Topeka, KS – For the 2nd straight week Steven Bowers Jr. has taken home the hardware in the USRA Modified division at Heartland Park Topeka. Bowers started 7th in the A Main but wasted no time getting to the front and taking the lead and running away with the win. Dakota Foster finally got into victory lane in the USRA B Mod division. Foster was the first to the checkers and also made it through post race tech to score his 1st win at HPT in 2014. In the Hobby Stock Feature it was Randy Kohn getting the victory. This season it’s been the father and sun duo of Randy and Ron Kohn leading the way winning 9 of 12 races this season. Steve Herrick put another win on the board in the USRA Stock Car division and Dan Canady picked up another win in the Sport Compact division.

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2014 Remaining Dirt Event Season Ticket offer & FAQs

POSTED ON July 19th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, News
season ticket flyer

What is the cost of a remaining season ticket for 2014?

$80.00 for adults and $40.00 for kids. If you order online there is an additional fee.

What are my options for ticket delivery?

      Online orders have two options, print and mobile tickets. If you choose mobile tickets your ticket(s) will be emailed to your phone.

Box office orders will have printed tickets, mobile is not an option.

How do I receive my free kids ticket with my paid adult ticket?

To recieve your free kids ticket with the purchase of your adult ticket you must purchase through the following link.

What happens if I cannot attend a race on my ticket plan?

      You have the ability to transfer your tickets to family, friends, etc.  through the manage tickets process



What if my tickets are lost or stolen?

        If your season ticket(s) are lost or stolen you can reprint the ticket(s)



What’s the age for a kid’s ticket?

    Kid’s tickets are for ages 4-12, kids 3 & under are free and don’t require a ticket.

What happens if the race is postponed?

    In the event that race postponed, your ticket(s) will be good for the rescheduled date.

Click here for the official rain out policy.

What are the race dates my season ticket is valid for?

Your Season ticket will be valid for the the remaining race dates

  1. August 2
  2. August 9
  3. August 16
  4. August 30
  5. Sept. 6
  6. Sept. 13
  7. Sept. 20
  8. Sept. 27

Save $5 at the July 18th Street Legal/TNT

POSTED ON July 15th  - POSTED IN Drag Strip, News

The $5.00 discount is for Drivers ONLY. This flyer must be presented from a SMART PHONE or DIGITAL DEVICE and MUST BE PRESENTED AT TIME OF PURCHASE Limit 1 (ONE) per entry. No refunds, substitutions or exchanges will be allowed on this discount.
* HPT reserves the right to have the final interpretation of rules for the discount.






Issacs Wins 1st At HPT!

POSTED ON July 14th  - POSTED IN Dirt Track, News

Topeka, KS – After a slight delay with the lights at Heartland Park Topeka, Steven Bowers Jr. turned out the lights on the competition in the USRA Modified division. The victory was his 2nd of the season at HPT. In the USRA Modified Feature Ethan Isaacs kept Dakota Foster behind him on the last couple of yellow flags to win his first feature of the season. Steve Herrick won the USRA Stock feature by out dueling Jim Powell Jr. In the Pure Stock division it was repeat winner Ron Kohn scoring the victory. Alex Boyden scored his 1st victory of the season in the Sport Compact class.

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